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Wow! I really like this and so true for some of us women who spend most of our lives waiting for the perfect prince when if we learn to look within for happiness the rest will follow.

Source of Inspiration

Waiting for Prince Charming,
for lipstick and high heels,
for years to pass,
to reach “the right time.”
Ah, some day….I sigh
with the hopefulness of youth.

Waiting in checkout lines,
for holidays and weekends.
Children soon grown
with children of their own.
Filled with longing, regrets
and “what ifs,” I wait
and wait some more.

Then finally I fall
down the rabbit hole and see
that what I was waiting for
was always in me!

Not before or behind
only within will I find
my soul’s yearnings
for the right time.

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What’s Mine

I love how true to our actual lives this is written and how it seemingly flows together!

Source of Inspiration


What is mine?
I do not wish to share
with you for this is mine.
Are creative works
really the property
of the hand that brought
them forth, or is our
creativity channeled
from Source to be
enjoyed by all?

Is money the cause of
refusal to openly share?
Is it pride in creative
work? What would the world
be like if we all shared our
art and music without concern
for payments or fame–just
people spreading beauty
across the globe for the
sheer joy of it.

Certainly we do not have to
pay to hear birds sing, or to
walk in fields of wildflowers.
Why do we have to pay now for
a drink of water, or to use
the bathroom, for someone to
pray for us, or to attend a
workshop to learn how to love
each other? Why has making money
and buying more and more become

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On The Mend

On The Mend

It doesn’t matter what you say about me

Sticks and stones, that’s all it is

It doesn’t matter what you think of me

I’ve probably thought it about myself at some point to.

It doesn’t matter if you beat me black and blue every day

I’m just gonna get back up on my feet and keep on going.

You see I’m not perfect, I’ve cast stones too

I have made mistakes in my life just like you.

But what I can tell you, one thing I know for sure

I am still God’s masterpiece, just a little broken and bruised.

God will put me back just like he wants me

Just takes time, not overnight like I may want.

But I am thankful my wings, no matter how broken

Are being mended by my Creator, so pure and so perfect.

I am on the mend just like you

So before you judge me, before you cast that last stone

Just remember where you come from

We all make mistakes, we are not that different at all.


Christina Nichole Burrell



(Please note that this is an original poem and copyright is reserved.  Thank you)

Being a single woman…

Starting your life over after being in a relationship (married or not) for close to 17 years can be a daunting task at best. It’s like learning to walk or talk again after a traumatic accident or trying to ride a bike for the first time. It’s frustrating, aggravating, emotional, and so much more. Your confidence level is at an all time low because you wonder what is wrong with you for your marriage to fail (it doesn’t matter the reasons it did, we all question ourselves).

I know for me personally it has been such a challenge to date because know one knows me like he did (does), no one understands my quirks or why I act the way I do sometimes. It’s hard to let someone get to know me. It’s hard to want to get to know someone else because I constantly wonder if I am gonna screw up again or if they are even gonna like me for who I am.

So my question to my readers who have experienced this is: what is the best way to get past the anxiety of dating again (without years of counseling)?

Photoblogging Made Easy: Exploring Gallery Types

So I read a WordPress blog post called “Photoblogging Made Easy: Exploring Gallery Types” and I thought I would try it.  I love taking pictures and editing them with various apps on my iPhone (sometimes I use more than one app on a picture) and figured this would be a perfect way to blog my experiences in life.  Of course I haven’t quite mastered capturing the sad moments on camera as that is sometimes a little hard to do (I have taken sad pictures just not publically shared them) so I will stick to what I know best: THE GOOD TIMES!

So if all my readers can let me know how I am doing I would greatly appreciate it.  You know every time we try something new, no matter how easy it may seem to others, it’s a little nerve-wracking wondering if you are doing it right…or is there a right way?  I don’t know but I am going to try anyway!

I will also let you know which app I used to make the changes to the original picture in case anyone is curious or interested in using them.  I have tried several and I stick to mainly three apps in all.


The Blog

Photographs capture moments and bring life and color to our blogs, websites, and portfolios. In this age of digital storytelling, images are key elements in our narratives. With over 200 themes in the Theme Showcase, some designed for photography, there are many ways for you to tell your stories.

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Square tiles gallery on the Bushwick theme

First up is Bushwicka lightweight blogging theme we launched at the end of December. While ideal for bloggers…

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Daily Struggles of Parenthood

As each new day presents its own challenges, so increases the challenge of parenting children in the confusing world we live in.  If you are trying to raise your children to be responsible, well-rounded adults, it gets increasingly harder because of the media, the government, schools, and other people in their lives that they come in contact with, sometimes on a daily basis.  Although I am lucky in regards to my children, and who they are allowed to be around, and how they are being raised…some parents don’t have the same luxuries.  Parents who work two jobs, or have to have baby sitters at night, or who have latch-key kids, have a harder time raising their children because they have to spend most of their time working to take care of their needs.  In such cases, the emotional aspects of a child’s needs get neglected and society ends up raising them more than the parent.  Not that it is necessarily their fault as they are doing the best they can, but it is not in the best interest of a child to have society meet those emotional needs.  In allowing it to happen, the children of today have become increasingly disrespectful, hateful towards their parents and others, do bad in school, run the roads when their parents are at work, etc.  In my opinion, it is high time we all step up and help other parents out when and where we can because the kids today will be our caretakers in the future.

Just a random thought….

They may be gone…but not forever

Heart and infinity symbol entwined; symbol of ...

I wrote this back in 2012 but wanted to share….

The hole in my soul keeps growing bigger as the days pass by

My heart keeps breaking, feeling as though it will never survive

I don’t know what else to do

I have no where else to turn

No one to help me prevent this feeling of hopelessness from continuing to return.

My life has been ripped awake like a branch from a tree

A quiet storm came along taking it from me.

Now rooms sit empty, no longer filled with laughter anymore

I wonder will the tiny echoes of it return

Or am I doomed forevermore.

Just as with the Raven in Poe’s stories, always empty handed

Am I cursed like him?

Am I to remain a lifeless being forever stranded?

The hands of fate so cruel and so heartless

Giving nothing up; only leaving me with a strange emptiness.

Wanting nothing more than my life back again

My two beautiful children with their precious faces full of grins.

To be whole once more instead of frail and broken

Pretending to be strong for those on lookers knowin’ full well I am chokin’.

For us to be a family again, so happy and carefree

Worries gone about the “so called” loves ones trying to hurt me.

You may take my pride, my freedom and such

But my love for my children I will never give up.

Travel to the ends of the earth to protect them I will

My love knows no bounds for them and my heart does not beat still.

Play your games like a toddler in school

Forget your teachings on the Bible and the Golden Rule.

One day it will come back to you ten fold

One day you will see that try as you may, my children and I you cannot forever control.

Intertwined in our hearts, kindred spirits of sorts we are

Just how God made us as he did with the Earth and the stars.

Together again us three will be

Together forever, just Corbin, Cassidy and me.

Christina Nichole Burrell (8/16/2012)

To all my blog fans, readers, haters, etc…..

First let me apologize to those who have commented on my posts and I have not replied.  I have been super busy lately, and since my laptop isn’t working I am having to share which makes it harder for me to get on here daily.  I hope I have not offended anyone by not personally replying.  I will get better about this in the future.

Second, for those who have commented negatively, we all have our opinions and I thank you for yours regardless of whether or not you like my posts or if I have some spelling errors in them.  I am actually quite an excellent speller, sometimes my mind goes faster than my fingers and trying to keep up, well can be daunting to say the least.  I will be more mindful of my errors in typing as I know it is pet peeves for some people.

Thirdly, I haven’t been blogging as much as I used to and I am trying to get back into the swing of things.  We all go through writing blocks at various times, especially when we face difficult situations in our lives.

Fourthly, I have another site if it suits some of my readers better (From A Mama’s Perspective), of which you should be able to access through this site (A Poetic Revolution).  As far as technical problems on my site while using Internet Explorer…I have tried to find a solution and changed my templates several times but for some reason Word Press Blogs work better with Google Chrome.  I will continue to look for solutions, but I just wanted everyone to know that it may be something I cannot fix.

And last, but not least, thank you all!  It makes my day to get feedback, whether good or bad, because then I know that my writing is appreciated and I welcome constructive criticism.

May you all have a blessed week and God bless you all.

At this point in my life

I grew up with so many dreams and hopes as a small child.  Always praying my situations would change, that I would be loved like I wanted to be loved, and accepted for who I was and where I came from.  As I got older and life got harder those hopes and dreams slowly dwindled and new ones came into light.   Although some came to pass successfully there were still those that never became anything.  I tried for years to understand why I couldn’t make sense of the ones that didn’t and it wasn’t until I lost everything I had that I figured out why.  Sometimes no matter how good of a person we are the mistakes we make affect us more than just temporarily and are sometimes more than just short lived.  They have lasting effects on us and those around us which try as we might cannot escape.  I have done my best to try to correct my mistakes and let go of those in my life that do nothing but bring me down and cause me heartache and hardships, sometimes with success and well sometimes not.  But that’s how it goes in life.

At this point in my life I have really began to understand that a change in my attitude and my surroundings has helped me get to where I am today.  I got rid of the people who were no good for me and separated myself from those who always focus on the negatives in life instead of realizing that we all go through shit, some more than others, but at least we can say that we wake up every morning breathing and have things that others go without.  Each new day brings new opportunities for me to better myself, not just for me, but more importantly for the people that I love and care about and could not see myself making it through all this life has to throw at me without them.  What some people have yet to understand is that no matter what my mistakes, no matter where I have been or where I am going, the loves of my life I would die for at any given moment.  I know that GOD is guiding me now, more so than ever before, and no matter how many times I stray off that path HE always brings me right back to it.  For without HIM I could never walk on both feet, stand tall, and fight the tears that tend to fall without warning.  I am not weak, I am strong….I am not feeble, I am able….and I know that where there is my footprints they are not alone for HE walks beside me every day.

Well, I guess that is all for now.  I know this post may have had many directions but I hope you all get the jist when you read it.  Sometimes my scattered brain just spits it out as it comes….oh well!

I hope you all have a blessed rest of the week!