On The Mend

On The Mend

It doesn’t matter what you say about me

Sticks and stones, that’s all it is

It doesn’t matter what you think of me

I’ve probably thought it about myself at some point to.

It doesn’t matter if you beat me black and blue every day

I’m just gonna get back up on my feet and keep on going.

You see I’m not perfect, I’ve cast stones too

I have made mistakes in my life just like you.

But what I can tell you, one thing I know for sure

I am still God’s masterpiece, just a little broken and bruised.

God will put me back just like he wants me

Just takes time, not overnight like I may want.

But I am thankful my wings, no matter how broken

Are being mended by my Creator, so pure and so perfect.

I am on the mend just like you

So before you judge me, before you cast that last stone

Just remember where you come from

We all make mistakes, we are not that different at all.


Christina Nichole Burrell



(Please note that this is an original poem and copyright is reserved.  Thank you)


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