Photoblogging Made Easy: Exploring Gallery Types

So I read a WordPress blog post called “Photoblogging Made Easy: Exploring Gallery Types” and I thought I would try it.  I love taking pictures and editing them with various apps on my iPhone (sometimes I use more than one app on a picture) and figured this would be a perfect way to blog my experiences in life.  Of course I haven’t quite mastered capturing the sad moments on camera as that is sometimes a little hard to do (I have taken sad pictures just not publically shared them) so I will stick to what I know best: THE GOOD TIMES!

So if all my readers can let me know how I am doing I would greatly appreciate it.  You know every time we try something new, no matter how easy it may seem to others, it’s a little nerve-wracking wondering if you are doing it right…or is there a right way?  I don’t know but I am going to try anyway!

I will also let you know which app I used to make the changes to the original picture in case anyone is curious or interested in using them.  I have tried several and I stick to mainly three apps in all.


The Blog

Photographs capture moments and bring life and color to our blogs, websites, and portfolios. In this age of digital storytelling, images are key elements in our narratives. With over 200 themes in the Theme Showcase, some designed for photography, there are many ways for you to tell your stories.

Photographers and photo bloggers can choose from a number of versatile premium themes to take their passion to the next level. But you don’t need a premium theme, or even a photoblogging theme, to display your images in polished, professional layouts. Let’s take a look at gorgeous image showcases on free themes that are great for personal blogging and writing, created with the built-in gallery options in your Media Manager.


Square tiles gallery on the Bushwick theme

First up is Bushwicka lightweight blogging theme we launched at the end of December. While ideal for bloggers…

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