Daily Struggles of Parenthood

As each new day presents its own challenges, so increases the challenge of parenting children in the confusing world we live in.  If you are trying to raise your children to be responsible, well-rounded adults, it gets increasingly harder because of the media, the government, schools, and other people in their lives that they come in contact with, sometimes on a daily basis.  Although I am lucky in regards to my children, and who they are allowed to be around, and how they are being raised…some parents don’t have the same luxuries.  Parents who work two jobs, or have to have baby sitters at night, or who have latch-key kids, have a harder time raising their children because they have to spend most of their time working to take care of their needs.  In such cases, the emotional aspects of a child’s needs get neglected and society ends up raising them more than the parent.  Not that it is necessarily their fault as they are doing the best they can, but it is not in the best interest of a child to have society meet those emotional needs.  In allowing it to happen, the children of today have become increasingly disrespectful, hateful towards their parents and others, do bad in school, run the roads when their parents are at work, etc.  In my opinion, it is high time we all step up and help other parents out when and where we can because the kids today will be our caretakers in the future.

Just a random thought….


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