They may be gone…but not forever

Heart and infinity symbol entwined; symbol of ...

I wrote this back in 2012 but wanted to share….

The hole in my soul keeps growing bigger as the days pass by

My heart keeps breaking, feeling as though it will never survive

I don’t know what else to do

I have no where else to turn

No one to help me prevent this feeling of hopelessness from continuing to return.

My life has been ripped awake like a branch from a tree

A quiet storm came along taking it from me.

Now rooms sit empty, no longer filled with laughter anymore

I wonder will the tiny echoes of it return

Or am I doomed forevermore.

Just as with the Raven in Poe’s stories, always empty handed

Am I cursed like him?

Am I to remain a lifeless being forever stranded?

The hands of fate so cruel and so heartless

Giving nothing up; only leaving me with a strange emptiness.

Wanting nothing more than my life back again

My two beautiful children with their precious faces full of grins.

To be whole once more instead of frail and broken

Pretending to be strong for those on lookers knowin’ full well I am chokin’.

For us to be a family again, so happy and carefree

Worries gone about the “so called” loves ones trying to hurt me.

You may take my pride, my freedom and such

But my love for my children I will never give up.

Travel to the ends of the earth to protect them I will

My love knows no bounds for them and my heart does not beat still.

Play your games like a toddler in school

Forget your teachings on the Bible and the Golden Rule.

One day it will come back to you ten fold

One day you will see that try as you may, my children and I you cannot forever control.

Intertwined in our hearts, kindred spirits of sorts we are

Just how God made us as he did with the Earth and the stars.

Together again us three will be

Together forever, just Corbin, Cassidy and me.

Christina Nichole Burrell (8/16/2012)


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