Just a thought…

I have been thinking a lot these past couple of weeks about where my life is headed and where I have been. In my contemplating I realized, despite the heartache and pain, all things must come to an end sometimes, especially when they are not good for you as a person. We come across people who do nothing but bring us down and regardless of our love for them they are set on their own toxix path of destruction with no regard for others. Which in turn is unhealthy for us to say the least.

All heartache heals over time, some take longer than others, but losing someone you love can be just what is needed to get our lives back on trak heading in the right direction. It’s hard, that I won’t deny, yet there are gratifying moments as well. At least we do not have to stand by and let them destroy our lives as they are doing their own.

God has a plan for us all, not to say we will always understand or agree, but there is a plan nonetheless. We just have to keep believing and trusting in Him and realize we do not have control of everything! We do have control on how we handle situations in our lives, just not how people treat us.

God bless…


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