Darkness of Solitude

Darkness of Solitude

The dark place of solitude seems to find me everyday
No matter how bad or good the events of my waking hours
That lonely hell seems to always find me
Like the roots of a weeping willow always seek out water.

I try so hard to fight it, to not give in
Yet the overwhelming sadness grips and holds on to the bitter end.

I put on a smile to hide the pain
Yet it doesn’t always work out as my mind has played
I am not one to show my fears
As it is a sign of weakness-or so I hear.

At time I ponder how I am to handle
This life so full of heartache and troubles
My life now gone-not by choice
But ripped away leaving me no voice.

Try as I might I can never get ahead
Only three or more steps further behind.

Every time I look over my shoulder
I see the knife stabbing me so deep
Making every attempt to try and kill me.

How much more I can take I could not tell…
My heart and soul so deeply damaged
Seeming to be beyond repairs that can be fathomed.

Christina Nichole Burrell
January 12, 2013


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