There are times in our lives…

Have you ever watched a movie and wanted your life to be the same as what they depict? Does it ever seem as though the movie makers want to trick you into believing that love is supposed to be perfect and just like they display? Sometimes it does to me and I begin to wonder why my life is not the same. Sometimes I feel like I am alone in this world and that the person I love is so far away that I will never be able to get it back. I get scared and afraid that he is gone forever and I can never have the life I always dreamed of having. Then there are times that I wonder why I put myself through such injustice and B.S. just because I am in love. I begin to question myself and I begin to question God and why he had allowed me to go through this again.

There are times in life…


2 thoughts on “There are times in our lives…

  1. Sweetie dont dought yourself or God. You are a strong woman. stronger than most i know. you will ride this out. the film industry is nothing more than make believe. yes the portray nice loving families but its not always that simple. some times there is heartache and dispair, lonliness and all that goes with. sometimes those wh appear to have it all dont have any. maybe and dont get mad at me but just maybe you are meant to only love you children right now. you know sometime the relationship love just sucks. anyway my 2 cents i love you and always will nomatter what happens in your life


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