“It’s Not The Time to Breakdown…”

As I am listening to the song “Breakdown” by Chris Daughtry I think of all the hardships in life we face where we have wanted to give up and breakdown.  Giving up was an option some took seriously because it was easier than fighting a battle that felt hopeless and one they could never win.  There was no one to teach them that being hurt and scared was not a sign of weakness but a sign of humanity.  That being strong and standing up and overcoming the pain would make them a better person in the long run no matter how much it hurt now.

Don’t get me wrong, betrayal from a family member or a loved one is a undescribable pain that your heart feels.  When you lose a child or loved one because of an accident or by the hands of another is a feeling that many of us cannot describe and most do not readily understand.  No matter what the pain that has torn your heart and left a whole and a void in your lives, there is hope and “ITS NOT THE TIME TO BREAKDOWN”.

I know that it would be much easier to crawl under a rock and never come out because you don’t want to be strong anymore.  You feel defeated so weakness seems like the best option.  But there is light at the end of the road you are on as God is that light and he has brightened the path.  He is the one that will give you the strength to push on even if it doesn’t feel like it or you just don’t understand.  It’s hard and many of us question why we are allowed to experience tragic and painful things in our lives and the only things I can say to that is one God has a purpose and plan we don’t always know or understand.  Two He never gives you more than you can handle.  Three somewhere down the road you will come across someone like you who needs the same advice I am giving and you can reach out to them and help them in ways that you won’t even fully understand.

Love one another, help one another, don’t intentionally cause another pain and anguish, treat them as you want to be treated.  I know we do not always follow the Golden Rules because we are human, it is hard, and our emotions get in the way.  But if we stop and realistically think before we speak or take actions we will regret for the rest of our lives then we will realize that we do not want the same thing to happen to us.

Would you sabotage a family when you would never want it to happen to you?  Would you take children when no one ever took yours?  Would you cheat on your spouse and expect them not to return the favor?  Would you beat your spouse and say it was okay but get mad if the same were done to you?  Think about all the things you have done to others or have thought about doing and imagine the same being done to you.  Would you really want to experience the pain?  None of us would.

So instead of breaking down and giving up, retaliating because you are hurt beyond words, get out from under the rock you find yourself hiding and get your strength from God and fight back in a manner that is right and follow the path God laid out for you.  Because I promise WHAT GOES AROUND COMES AROUND TEN FOLD EVEN TO THOSE WHO THINK THEY ARE DOING THE “RIGHT THING” EVEN WHEN THEY KNOW DEEP DOWN THEY ARE NOT.


2 thoughts on ““It’s Not The Time to Breakdown…”

    1. I am not exactly sure what you are going through right now, but I can tell you that having faith will see you through anything in life. Sometimes it is easy to doubt our faith because we think we have total control when in reality we don’t. I have been through so much in my 34 years that there have been times when I felt as though this life should have killed me by now. God has bigger and better plans than I can imagine and keeping faith in Him instead of myself is what gets me through my toughest days.


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