I Was Just Trying To Help

I wrote a blog not to long ago called “Something no one talks about” which was in response to another blogger who was struggling with being a cutter or a person who self mutilates as their way of releasing pent up negative emotions. It talked about how people with various depression or other mental health issues struggle and deal with traumatic events differently. It was an advice blog….one that helps others know they are not alone and that they can get help for their problems and change.

My reasoning for the reply was an attempt to make the original blogger who was obviously crying out for help realize that they are not alone. Many people have been “cutters” or have been “self mutilators” but through counseling and medication they have been able to overcome. No one has to continue life depressed. There is medication to help those of us who suffer from various mental disorders.

For those people who judge you because they really do not know what it means to have a mental disorder, especially one such as “bipolar disorder” of which has four levels, then piss on them!! Do you have to listen to them? Do you have to let them drag you down? Do you have to let them make you out to be some psychopath who cannot function like everyone else? NO YOU DO NOT!!!! YOU CAN TURN AROUND AND WALK THE OTHER WAY!! YOU CAN LET THE WORDS ROLL OFF YOUR BACK LIKE WATER!!

We are all stronger than what we give ourselves credit for, and yes I am referring to myself when I say that as well. Many people have diseases in our society, those who get up every morning and go to work or school or take care of their children and function like they should every day do not deserve to be shunned. If one does not understand the disease that is their fault! That’s what “Google” is for!

In today’s society ignorance is not bliss and stupidity is not looked upon with pity. Judge not for you have not the right to judge. Condemn not for only the Heavenly Father can condemn.

In closing, let me say again: for those of you who struggle with disease of the mind or otherwise, you are not alone. There is help, there is support, and you never have to listen to those who are cruel because of their lack of understanding. Always hold your head up high!


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