Sports and kids…

We love our kids and want to do what is best for them and allow them to do activities that help them grow and learn as people.  This includes sports such as football, baseball, softball, basketball, etc.  I love that my son plays baseball in part because I remember how much I enjoyed it when I used to play and because he is so happy playing.

Here is what I do not understand:  the parents who let their kids cuss and be completely disrespectful to their opposing teams and the umpires!!  I mean I hear the parents doing the exact same thing so the apples don’t fall far from the trees, but come on!  Do our children really need to talk with such trashy mouths and vulgar language?  At one of my sons games a mom cussed out a player on my sons team because he hit the ball past the outfield and we scored 3 runs!  Now really, I mean that is going way to far!  Then her son cussed out the umpire when he struck out!

The reason I am writing is this is for some insight from my readers.  How many of you have experienced the same situations and how have you handled them?  We as parents all get upset at times during sports games when bad calls are made that we don’t agree with, but do you over react and let your kids talk like sailors and disrespect adults?  Let me know by replying as I am very interested on both sides of this!


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