Tired and alone….

Sometimes I wonder what it feels like go be loved by someone who will never leave. Someone who will never betray or abandon; someone who no matter what is always there with unconditional support and love.

Unfortunately I do not know what it is like to have a spouse or partner with those endearing qualities. After 17 years I cannot say that any of it was true, except for the children. I cannot say that marriage vows he did not break. I can say that no one is perfect although that does not excuse us from our actions. Our imperfections make us who we are but they are not what keeps us from doing right or wrong.

And instead of staying around for reasons still unknown….sometimes I wish I would have been left alone because I have grown very tired of the lies still coming undone.


3 thoughts on “Tired and alone….

  1. Fox
    you are a very smart and strong woman. this is just part of life. the choices made by each and every one of us is in faxt what makes us who we are. some good some bad in the end you just hope for more good than bad. and i know you have people in your life that love you always.


  2. You are not alone. you will never be alone you have your two wonderful kids and friends like me who will never leave your side. love you alway. and remember you are never alone


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