The Front Page or Cover of Your Journal


Many of us keep a daily record of our lives whether it is handwritten in a bound journal or posted to an online blog. Regardless of where it is done we write to remember our thoughts and as a record of sorts. If you write online in a blog then you do so in an attempt to reach out to others and share your experiences (this way is the edited version of your story).

For those who utilize bound journals to vent, release your inner most fears, or as a reminder to youtself in the future, my question to you is this…


Did you write a warning to those whom dare break the threshold of your mind?
Or is it simply stating your name and the date you began the journal?

I am interested in what your front page says! I have included mine below!

The Beginning of a Journey

Inside this journal you will find my thoughts, my fears, my life, and what I have left behind.
So if you dare to take a look, just remember it is my life inside this book.
Be open-minded and don’t get mad. Otherwise you might find you walk away feeling very sad.
These words aren’t meant to hurt anyone, they are not meant to judge.
They are meant to get out what I feel inside; the many thoughts crowding my brain,
And for a personal release you wouldn’t understand.

(12:51pm Tuesday 2/21/2012)


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