In Case of Fire, What Would You Grab?

In case of a fire, make sure you grab the following:

When we think of our house catching on fire we begin to wonder what all we could save in less than ten minutes. The first things that pop into our heads, besides making sure our families get out safe, is about the keepsakes items like pictures, our children’s baby stuff, our wedding memorabilia, etc. Then we tend to think a little bigger and start worrying about our laptops, kindles, iPads, and the big screen tv’s we bought our husbands for Christmas (if we’re lucky).

The reason we do this is because we know these things are irreplaceable momentous of our lives and most likely we have the only copies of some of them.

However, if you are like me, you will have cd’s that contain every picture ever taken of our children or have them backed up online with other important documents. You might also have a fire proof safe containing all of your important papers such as SSN cards, copies of your families ID’s, and various other legal documents (ie. your will, healthcare directive, and custodial parent arrangement).

To go one step further, some if you may even have a “home inventory” that is somewhat current just as I do.

Now if you are on the side of a little (or a lot) O. C. D. (obsessive compulsive disorder), you may even have a bag or two packed with some essential items and keepsakes you can grab at a moments notice. I happen to be one of those people and with two bags ready to go at all times.

The first bag contains photos that are not stored online, some things of my mother’s that were left to me, and small items like phone chargers, extra wallet with ID’s and such.

The second bag contains a change of clothes for each family member, toiletries, hair products and a little makeup, and various other items.

Should my house catch on fire or a tornado roll my way, I am prepared and my family and I will have some of what we need. I even have a can opener and some food.

So friends what would be in your emergency bag? In case of fire what would you grab after the children and family because of course that is obvious! I would love to hear everyone’s thoughts.


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