Something no one talks about

Something no one talks about.


Self-harm is something that so many people struggle with in our society and as this author points out-NO ONE LIKES TO TALK ABOUT!  Well I am going to just like this guy did because it is high time that people in our society quit worrying about what others are going to think of their opinions because the truth is:  WE ALL HAVE THEM!  I do not know one person who has no opinions (and if there is one out there please let me know cause I would really like to meet you)!

To move on…

Inflicting wounds on oneself is a mental disease if you will.  For those of us who are bi-polar, manic depressive, psychologically challenged in anyway, completely understand why I label it the way I did.  For those who don’t, then do some research because it will greatly benefit you.


When someone inflicts injury on themselves they are doing so to release the internal pain and emotions that are so overwhelming that they do not know any other way.  Most times there is no one who is really listening to what they are saying or how they feel or on the flip side there is no one they think understands what they are feeling or going through.  While there is a difference in listening to someone and hearing them, most times the people we are closest too do listen they just don’t understand.  For those of you who disagree, you are entitled to your opinion and won’t hurt mine by doing so.  I have been on both sides of this fence as well and I started “cutting” when I was 10 years old.  I am 33 years old now and sometimes I have to question whether or not my lack of being able to heal from a wound is of my own devise or because of my low immune system due to MRSA.  One of those questions I may never find an answer too.

“Cutting” is the most common form of Self-Harm or SH as he calls it in his blog.  Most times people think of teenagers crying out for help when they think of “cutting” but that is not always the case.  Those of us, myself included, cut or inflicted wounds because it was the only method of release of some dangerous emotions we kept inside.  Whether those emotions were boiling over like a pot of water, or repressed like processed cheese blocks, it doesn’t matter.  What matters is the reason why we were feeling like we were and the fact that on top of all we were going through no one around us bothered to notice or if they did just simply did not understand enough to be able to help us.  This type of behavior usually starts at a very young age because not all of us are taught the proper methods of dealing with stress in our lives and if you are a victim of parental abuse or spousal abuse you know what I mean.

Many children in our day and age have problems at home that they feel are their fault not that of their parents.  Although they are wrong, no one who they have talked to have actually put a stop to the problems they just tell the child it will be okay and move on with their own lives.  Well that isn’t helping either (for those of you who talk the talk but never walk the walk).  Children, no matter what age, need reassurance that the world they live in is safe and if for some reason any part of it becomes otherwise, that there are people who will help fix it for them.  I say this with personal firsthand experience as I was a victim of child abuse from the time I was born and it didn’t really stop as I got older it just turned into a different classification of abuse.  Whether children see their parents fight with each other, are abused themselves, or see their siblings abused the only way they know how to deal with it is by causing themselves harm.  Many feel as though they are to blame for their parents divorcing, their daddy hitting their mommy (or vice versa), or one or both parents abandoning them.  Since they haven’t been taught how to deal with internal pain and conflict they do the best they know how and some hope that someone will notice and step in to help.

Self-Harm is a very serious problem in America that has been getting more and more serious each year.  Some people do it and may not even realize that is what they are doing while others know exactly what they are doing to themselves as far as physically.  If you know someone or think you know someone with this problem then please, please, please get them help.  If you don’t understand it then read about it, ask a counselor about it, talk to someone who can help you help them.

As I stated before: KNOWLEDGE IS POWER!!  One of the best thing you can give a child is understanding and love.  If you don’t understand then find a way because if we as a society do not start standing up for what we believe in and start helping those in need then what good are we?  Seriously, what is our purpose if it is not to better the world we live in and help others to do the same?

God didn’t create us in his image to just sit around and ignore the reality in which we live including those around us.  No he made us in HIS IMAGE so that we could be LIKE HIM – help others, love others, and “lean not unto thine own understanding”….


One thought on “Something no one talks about

  1. Great post. We should never be afraid to stand up for those that can’t. Knowledge is power and there are a lot of people who just don’t know about things like this or do and think they’re alone.


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