FEMALE: The best gender there is!

In your opinion, what is the best thing about being the gender you are? Plinky Blog Prompts

Some women will disagree with me on my theory about what the best thing is about being a woman. Then again some may agree. But either way you are all entitled to your opinion and I am okay with that!

Now there are a few things that make our gender of FEMALE the best gender to be…..

One of the many pleasures of being a woman is having the ability to get what we want without much effort. Now having said that I know some will take my statement the wrong way and some of you are shouting “Hell Yeah” at your screen, but rest assured that whatever you may think I mean I promise to not disappoint! (ha,ha).

.My meaning behind my statement is this: Women have a natural effect over the opposite sex (some the same sex), I mean come on it is a blessing from God above! Anyway, when we use this beautiful talent to our advantage, in the right way mind you, we ultimately win power over whatever situations we seem to find ourselves in.

Ladies who are married, you know this to be true, because a few shakes of our hips and our husbands fall in love all over again. They will finish the laundry (the best he can), you may even get him to clean the kitchen or take out the trash or maybe carry the boxes to the garage that have been sitting by the back door for several weeks.

………..Whatever the case, it is a golden opportunity both for a much needed break and some amusement (because we all know how funny it is to watch them run around like a puppy who knows he is in for a treat).

…….Now I could go on and on about the wonderful qualities that make being a woman the best gender to be!! But I would rather hear from others about what they think is the best thing about being a female. Why do you all feel that we are the superior gender? Post your thoughts below!! I know some of you have some funny, sarcastic, theatrical, and provocative answers to just get off your chest!!!

P.s.: Considering the topic above and knowing the many different ways this can be answered, all I ask is that you please keep profanity, and vulgar references (sexual and otherwise) to a minimum and please be considerate of other readers.

Thank you all and happy writing! The Sylver Fox


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