Menopause and Motherhood


We all know how it is to be forgetful sometimes. Miss placing the car keys, forgetting the lunch you packed in the fridge or the cat not being fed for a couple of days. Regardless of what it is, it happens. Now how many of you women get overly irritated sometimes when things like I mentioned above occur? Does it irritated you when you get irritated?
Well that is part of the menopausal symptoms that a lot of women experience on a day to day basis. But don’t feel like those of you who experience this are alone because I do too. It’s hard enough being a mom sometimes (although the benefits or rewards greatly outweigh anything else) but you throw menopause on top of it and you have instant disaster at times without warning.  The sudden hot flashes that cause you to sweat sometimes uncontrollably no matter where you are, because let’s face it, our bodies don’t care that we could be sitting in a meeting at work, on a date, or wherever!  The constant ups and downs of weight that force us to keep every stitch of clothing whether it fits or not because one month we may be able to wear a size 8 but the next we could be back to a 12!!  It is hard for us to maintain composure at times in part due to the lack of natural horomones.  Yet we keep on our daily routines, deal with the daily struggles and such that come with life, and despite our wanting to just throw our hands up sometimes, we press on!  So for all you ladies who are struggling with menopause and perimenopause, just know you are not alone!  It will be okay!  Keep on keeping on!


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