A Mother’s Payback

A Mother’s Payback

     There are times when a mother is watching their sweet innocent little / baby girls sleep and think to themselves that they won’t grow up into sassy young girls. We pray they don’t have the same attitude as a young child that we did, ‘cause Lord knows we weren’t so sweet (at least some of us). They go from babies to toddlers with their normal tantrums along the way until one day they are 7 years old (pushing 8) faster and faster by the day. This is when we realize that we are dealing with a miniature version of ourselves and time stands still in the very moment. For the only thing we can hear when that realization kicks in is the pounding voice of our mothers telling us, “One day I hope you have a daughter who acts just like you!” These words ring in our head like the echoing of church bells as we being to understand the curse put upon us so many, many years before.

                      Payback! Or to be more precise – A Mother’s Payback!
     Deep down inside we know as soon as we call our mothers on the phone that the first thing we are going to hear after we rant about our experience is, “I told you it would come back on you when you had a daughter”! The hope for words of encouragement and wisdom go straight down the toilet as soon as they are spoken. Our only response is to say, “I know mom, but…”, although we already know the effort is futile. Trying to explain past this point just leads to more “I told you so-so’s” and so forth.
A mother’s payback is inevitable, whether it starts when our children are toddlers, adolescents, or pre-teens. If you have ever heard the infamous words of the mother’s curse then you know exactly what I mean!

February 23, 2012


2 thoughts on “A Mother’s Payback

  1. this is said to boys to “hope you have a son that acts just like you” Lord help us all just remember one day they will be taking care of you


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