Making decisions in life

Sometimes in our lives we are faced with making decisions that are hard for us to do.  They are not always black and white and at times we confuse the gray areas with poor decision-making.  What we fail to understand is that just because it is hard doesn’t mean we cannot get through it and move on to a better life by following a different path.  It baffles me at times when I am faced with choosing which path to follow that so many people have advice on my life yet don’t head to their own.  I have found it best not to give advice if I have not faced a similar  situation which makes me qualified to comment.  If I don’t understand the circumstances or I haven’t actually been there myself then I have no qualifications or justifications for putting my two cents in.  It may be wrong of me but I tend to think “Walk a mile in my shoes before giving me your input” when someone tries to give me advice when they have no clue as to how I feel or what it is like in my particular situation (whatever it may be).  Of course, I usually bite my tongue because I know some people have the best intentions and I am not trying to make it worse by hurting their feelings.  But let’s think about it for a minute….would you give advice to a woman who has been raped if you hadn’t had the same done to you?  What could you possibly say that would make her feel better if you have no idea what she is feeling?  Precisely, you cannot and should not even attempt to try to do anything other than be there and help console.  Would you give advice to a murderer on death row about to face lethal injection if you had never been even remotely close to being in a situation as he?  No you wouldn’t (or at least I hope you wouldn’t).

So why do so many of our friends and family even attempt to act like they understand our circumstances when in reality they dont?  I read many facebook posts and there are so many of us that like to put our opinion in and it doesn’t make sense.  Then people comment on news articles and I am sorry but they sound absolutely uneducated and stupid.  I know everyone is entitled to their own opinions…I have no problem with that because I am a very opinionated person at times.  However, sometimes we should keep our mouths shut and keep from looking and/or sounding just plain stupid.  Mark Twain said it best when he wrote “Better to keep your mouth shut and appear stupid than to open it and remove all doubt.”  Need anymore be said?


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