Nothing left to say

Sometimes in our lives we try to say all we can so that we make sure we are heard.  So much so that people tend to get to the point to where they tune us out because we speak so much that our words become meaningless.  At times I have felt like I have been one of those people….maybe that is why for so long I went unheard…for so long I went ignored in my meager attempts at conversation.  So now I am left with nothing to say and people wonder why.  Not to place blame on anyone….cause it’s not like that….it’s just that we have all at some point in time over talked ourselves just like people overstay their welcome.  That’s when we become a blah blah blah in people’s ears instead of an actual meaning behind the words we speak.  Does that make sense?  Sometimes I feel like I am heard but no one is listening then others its different.  I don’t know…just another random thought from my f’up mind.


One thought on “Nothing left to say

  1. i know that I have made u feel this way. And for that i am sorry. I know that there is now way i can make it up to you, what ever damage is done I cannot reverse. All I can say is that I do want to be there for u in the future. like i said ive been to far away for far too long. Im determined to make things diffrent regardless of where they end up.


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