She is, was, and always will be…..(in memory of Joyce Bacot)

She was my voice of reason when I didn’t want one

She gave me hope when I felt there was none

She was my source of strength when I felt weak

She was my book of wisdom in times of need

She gave me a love that will always stay with me.

She taught me how to be a good wife

She showed me what it was like to exhibit self-sacrifice

She gave my children a kind of love that only a great grandmother could give

She is, was, and always will be my son’s best friend.

She had knowledge that I could only dream of having

She had advice like no other regardless of whether or not I wanted

She had a way of making me think outside the box of which I lived.

I could go on and on and never come clost to

Describing how she touched the very depths of my soul

I will never forget the acceptance she showed me

The forgiveness she gave me when I wasn’t deserving

And although I wasn’t her flesh and blood

She took me under her wings and made me feel like I was

I am very thankful that God gave me that chance to know

The most amazing grandma that ever was.

She is, was, and always will be the guardian angel forever with me

Regardless of where my life may lead.

There’s one more thing I want to say before I am thru

And that is I will forever hold onto the warmth of her smile, the comfort of her selfless love,

And the memories she left before Jesus took her home.

She is, was, and always will be the most wonderful grandma God ever gave me.

In Loving Memory of Joyce Cross Bacot….2/1932 to 3/13/2007


One thought on “She is, was, and always will be…..(in memory of Joyce Bacot)

  1. Thank you for putting this out there. it means more than u know right now. So many truths in what you say. i wish she was still here cause i could really use some of that wisdom and honesty she was always so good at giving even when we didnt want it. I can’t help but wonder where things would be if i had listened to her more often. But if there is one things that she did teach me it was that your never guaranteed tomorrow, if a person would leave this earthly existence tomorrow would you be ok with the things you never said.
    Thanks again for posting this, and regardless of whats going on I wish the best for us both.
    Ly, Chris


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